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hi!share.that is now medialabel

medialabel & hi!share.that, united.
One rebranding. One vision. Same spirit.

Welcome to our new website – join us on this exciting journey! After years of hard work and steady growth with Medialabel and hi!share.that, we’re super proud to embark on our new chapter.

medialabel, reborn!

We’re stronger, bigger, and ready for everything that you, our industry, and the market have in store for us!

Over 8 years ago, we started with medialabel as a small “boutique” consulting and media-buying agency. Our goal? To share expertise with you, create value, and grow together!

In 2018, we launched hi!share.that to fully unlock the potential of influencer marketing and view it from a different perspective – as a strong and promising business that needs to be established and standardized. And there it was, our very own tech platform designed to unite transparency, data relevance, and brand safety in one place.

With now 55 fantastic and valuable team members and the expansion of our offerings, it was clear: We need to unite under one roof!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this success, and thank you to all partners, employees, and friends who have believed in us and supported us over the past 8 years!

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