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The best of both worlds: Our hi! Tech platform and 360 degree campaign support. Handcrafted, data-driven, transparent.


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From storytelling to data-driven campaign precision with hi! tech. We are your ticket to efficient and scalable influencer marketing.



Great creators meet great brands.

The personal touch - our team is passionate and supports you on every campaign, while our platform takes care of the time-consuming and tedious tasks.

With real-time tracking, fraud prevention, performance metrics, and our 'Verified Influencer Safety Program,' we deliver digital excellence. Transparency and a close exchange of knowledge rank as our top priorities, alongside quality and flexibility in our partnerships. This approach enables us to respond instantly to new opportunities and to seize market advantages at any moment.


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Shopping, Entertainment, Gaming, Food Delivery, Fashion, Health – we got it. Over 1500 campaigns in 10 countries with more than 300 clients. It speaks for itself.

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Influencer Marketing,
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medialabel offers a unique opportunity to effectively merge branding and performance campaigns. What happens after the post goes live? We go beyond the usual evaluation, providing valuable insights where others stop.

You brief, we deliver—tailored to your specifications. Whether you prefer full involvement or to rely on our expertise, we provide support while you make the decisions. This includes selecting influencers, designing content, or choosing the optimal pricing model.

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